How to design a Hotel Website

Hotel and restaurant websites are recognized by business like style with warm colors, Sans Serif fonts and services illustrations. Whether it's a design of hotel website, a logo or an advert, these details are still incorporated somehow.

Usually, these details are set by hotel managers when creating designs, because every other of their competitor has a style like that.

Over time it has become standard and The Internet is full of similar hotel logos and websites that are based on the same templates.

Nevertheless, standard makes familiarity and it is important if You want clients to understand what you are within this the first glance of your logo, advert or website.

It means there are certain brand tips that should be taken into account while creating the design for a hotel. So that user casually browsing or scrolling through social media posts and stumbling upon advertisement could identify that it's about hospitality services.

When basic similarities of that field's business are incorporated, it's time to make it memorable.

This is a moment when the true talent of the designer comes into place. It can consist of creating visually appealing colors, decorative elements, including images, quotes that are important and recognized by hotel visitors.

Best Hotel Web Design Practices

Here are top five tips that would make Your Hotel business design meet business field standards and if done successfully - stand out from the rest!

  1. Hotel website should have sections based structure

    There are important advantages for sections based hotel website.

    A homepage is like a summary of all other pages of the site. It's much easier for mobile use, because we are now used to scrolling due to social media, rather than navigating through pages.

    This is why Smceres krogs design is section based and sections overlaping has been used to create visaully unifying layout.

    Of course, it doesn't mean we should create single page websites because it would destroy website content-wise.

    It can be leveraged by creating a great homepage and adding additional inner pages with a simplified design of the homepage. These inner pages would ensure valuable content for search engines and users that are more interested in any of provided topics.

  2. Hero section for hotel website must be welcoming

    Hotel Web Hero

    The most important part of the website for the impression is the first section of it just like it is with a cover of a book. If you look in a bookshelf the first thing that will attract Your attention is well-presented cover design and its title. Today first impression is the main initiator to spend more of our valuable time on the specific offer.

    So it is reasonable to make so-called hero section inviting. We can do this by including easily readable phrases that would describe hotel's location, experience, status or particular service providing. Making it short and direct will not only easily perceptible but also save space for other design elements.

    It's preferable to include contact form or at least button that would take a user to one of the contact forms. To make a hero more personalized and memorable it's good to include hotel's photo.

    Positive reviews, ratings, badges, and awards or even verdicts & settlements are an important part of the first impression and including any of those in first fold of the website is a way to go premium.

    Hero section of Smeeceres krogs website incorporates trout illustration and combined fonts that represents old fashioned, but the same time bold style.

    Illutration designers usually try to incorporate specific detail into the illsutrations that would characterize that specific company.

    This also applies to hotel illsutrations and logos. There aren't many symbols that would widely recognizable and could be linked to specfific hotel.

    It's a beneficial practice to take this recognizability as an advantage and include it in the website.

    However, it's important to make it personalized so it stand out of other almost similar style logos.

    Because of prefered scrolling layout and content that's in development navigation has been hidden so that user would give more attention for home page.

    Additional call to action for button has been added to the top of hero to motivate user make reservation.

  3. Deals and testimonials motivate users to interact

    Hotel Web News

    Deals section is beneficial for price information and most requested services.

    News sections displays most recent news to show activity and constantly update home page content.

    Statistics shows basic information about hotel.

    Hotel Web Testimonials

    Reviews section includes testimonials slider and gallery for creating an impression.

  4. The most important offers must be highlighted

    Hotel Web Services

    Users are looking for hotel that are most suitible for their needs so that they could receive the best hospitality.

    If hotel website will highlight one specific value point throughout advert or whole site it will make this hotel more suitable for that case in users mind, rather a website that would provide a huge list of services.

    There is a certain way to highlight a few service areas and that is creating a servics section just after the hero section.

    Services that are presented in this way won't require a user to scroll down to content sections or look in navigation. So overall specific service highlighting makes it easier to notice and decide whether this business will provide the best hospitality.

    Smeceres krogs offer section overlaps hero to encourage user continue srolling page within first fold of the website.

    Services section lists all of offered services and amenities.

  5. Importance of contact section

    Hotel Web Contact

    Imagine that it's time for You to find hotel and You must do it as fast as possible. Stress and rush will make your patience just not existing. You have found the first suitable hotel advertisement or website, but just don't see the phone number for fast consultation call, only email or hotel name.

    It will be much easier to skip this hotel and look for next, rather than search for more contact details. For a hotel, homepage contains very first information that user encounters when opening site, it has to have a phone number to it.

    The phone number can be also added to each section or between sections so that it is easily accessible after every scroll. Office address and social profile buttons are preferable.

    Smeceres krogs contact section consists of contact form that is overlapped over map. Nevertheless contact information block affects maps functionality, map is more intended for visual background look.

These are only a few tips that should be considered while creating a design for a hotel website. Overall designs for this business field is much more complex and should be based on Marketing and UX analysis. However, it is a good start and favorable to be kept in mind for both parties - designers and companies, because these are points that will be mentioned also by marketing, SEO and programming specialists after the design has been created.

Hotel Website Technology

Smeceres krogs website is developed using the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS library in the world - Bootstrap 4. For content management website uses Laravel CMS platform - October CMS.