Invoicing is an essential part of every business, and it’s important to set up an easy system that helps you get it done fast and convenient.

There are a lot of options for automated invoicing, however, not everyone is ready to integrate them. Even nowadays many managers are still creating invoices using simple excel templates or manually calculating and editing invoices within word documents. In some way, I understand their choice because it leaves room for customizability and doesn't require additional software/training. This is why I have decided to use a similar method for my own invoicing.

As the main tool, I chose to use Google Sheets, because of free and cloud-based availability. It is a great option for any small business to create their own branded documents with ease and access using almost any modern device. This tool offers plenty of options for a custom look too.

Here are some great resources that will help You to create an invoice:

  1. Waveapps Google Sheets Invoice templates
  2. Guidingtech Google Sheets Invoice templates
  3. Opendocs Google Sheets Invoice templates
Leave me a message! I will create a professional and personalized invoice for You.