Logitech MX Master

If You are looking for a mouse that will make You feel like a professional designer, then this is it. Over 50% of my daily life consists of interaction with the computer. This is why I decided that I just have to invest money into the best mouse that I could find.

Actually it wasn't hard to find the leader of mice. The internet is full of detailed reviews and ratings, especially for tools like mouse. Although many users prefer gaming mice, due to style, responsiveness, etc. I was interested in the best possible option for design work. When I saw a price for these mice, I certainly did reconsider other lower budget options. However, I also remembered that it was going to be my daily work tool, so it should be fine to spend little more money than expected. Basically, there were two options Logitech MX and Apple Mouse. Both were quite expensive and both had similar reviews. Some designers preferred Apple mouse, other Logitech. As I had already tried Apple mouse and wasn't really impressed by it my choice moved towards Logitech offer.

I ordered it and about a week later got it in my hands. At the first moment I was impressed by material, design and overall feel. It was really comfy in hand and had some more weight than I was used to, but that reminded me of the quality aspect of it.

After a few day use I noticed some problems with how zoom was not working as expected. I was used to smooth zooming experience in Sketch App with using Mac trackpad, which is truly amazing piece of work. But Logitech MX seem to glitch and zooming was terrible experience. I did thought that it was Mac and mouse interaction problem, or that I am just not used to it. After few weeks of intensive work, I still felt struggle and even started to view options of selling it. Of course no one was ready or even interested in buying used mouse for more than 50 euros. That was disappointing.

However over time and many Logitech options updates I recognized that usability was improving and now after more than a year of using the mouse, I can say that it was the right choice and this truly is one of the best mice out there.